Tiny elementals, a big city, and just one way home.
A sample character sheet in various formats.
Get started with the 6d6 RPG with this bundle of rules and adventures.
The 6d6 Core covers everything you need to know about the 6d6 RPG.
The complete 6d6 RPG collection.
All of 6d6 RPGs adventures in one big bundle.
Goblins have stolen the Baron's and fled to the infamous dungeon of Demon Strata!
Character creation and equipment for adventures involving modern humans
It’s 6am in Midwestern America and the peace broken by the sound of GIANT CHICKENS!
It is the year 2270 and the salvage ship Oculas is assigned to recover the TSN Leopold
Epic adventuring in Ancient Greece with the Olympic gods meddling in the mortal world.
During the filming of a new show for the Mystery! Science! TV channel, the world slowly unravels for the characters.
Interactive Fiction
Lucky survivors of the first day of the zombie apocalypse flee in a bus but it breaks down as night nears.
After being cast adrift by pirates, a party of adventurers washes up on the shore of a strange island.
Six famous detectives have been invited to spend Christmas with a once a notorious crime lord.
All that remains of the Dream Guard look out from their last redoubt at the hoards of nightmares that surround them.
A set of 8 champions of the Greek gods.
An extensive bestiary covering a wide range of monsters.
Enrich your games with 28 diverse story-driven women.