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Would you like everything? Everything for the 6d6 RPG ever published in one super-discount bundle? Then this is the bundle for you. The Library of Alexandria gets you the 6d6 Core rules with eight adventures, two settings and two character packs. 

Be heroic but challenge the gods at your peril in our full, 128 page Ancient Greek setting Age of Legends. Craft your own adventures with the 6d6 Modern setting containing 66 character paths and 44 archetypes in combination with the 100 Monster Bestiary.

Or get started quickly with any of the eight stand-alone adventures: Shipwreck survivors trying to find a way off the Savage Island; Solve a festive crime scene with Mince Pies and Murder; Surviving the zombie terror in Outbreak!; Exploring deep space in Quantum Flux; Risk everything in the dark underworld of Demon Strata; Face the mind-shattering secrets of Road to Petra; Endure the deepest-dark before the dawn in Last Stand of the Dream Guard, and, if you are really unlucky, explore the insides of a Giant Chicken. Freshly added is our new game, Tested on Elementals.


Buy Now$24.05 USD or more

In order to download this library you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $24.05 USD. You will get access to the following files:

6d6RPG-100MonsterBestiary.pdf 4 MB
6d6RPG-AgeOfLegends.pdf 21 MB
6d6RPG-CoreRules-2E.pdf 3 MB
6d6RPG-DemonStrata.pdf 2 MB
6d6RPG-GiantChickens.pdf 18 MB
6d6RPG-LastStandOfTheDreamGuard.pdf 16 MB
6d6RPG-MincepiesAndMurder.pdf 2 MB
6d6RPG-Modern.pdf 1 MB
6d6RPG-Outbreak.pdf 935 kB
6d6RPG-QuantumFlux.pdf 1 MB
6d6RPG-RoadToPetra.pdf 2 MB
6d6RPG-SavageIsland.pdf 11 MB
6d6RPG-TestedOnElementals.pdf 522 kB

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